About the Corporation

Transcontinental Arbitration Corporation is a voluntary international association of arbitration institutions, legal and consulting organizations, establishments promoting the development of international trade and business-cooperation, as well as the enterprises engaged in international economic relations from around the world.

The Corporation is urged to promote large-scale distribution of effective arbitration mechanisms of settlement of commercial disputes on the global level and to facilitate access to arbitration and mediation procedures for commercial agents.

Any interested organizations engaged in activity related to organization and support of the international trading cooperation, as well as settlement of the relevant disputes, can join the Corporation.

Members of the Corporation can initiate collective discussions of any issues connected with the international law, trade and arbitration. They can also provide each other with assistance in these areas and together develop joint decisions within the target competence of the Corporation.

To join the Corporation an entity must accede to the contract of adhesion available on this website. Joining the list of Corporation members and leaving it is based only on free will of persons concerned. No fees are charged for membership in the Corporation.

Active participation in activity of the Corporation allows its members not only to promote the development of international economic cooperation and expand the geography and scale of own business. It also provides a chance to gain stable income from partnership cooperation with arbitration institutes.

Management over the Corporation is based on joint polls and the delegation of powers.

Membership in the Corporation is verified by official publications on this website and also by special certificates in the electronic form and in the form of documents.

If you are interested in becoming an active participant of the international business processes and progressive forms of commercial disputes settlement, we will be happy to welcome you among members of the Transcontinental Arbitration Corporation!